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The 5 Things You Know If You Own A Boxer Dog

Dogs have throughout the years essentially become man’s best animal friend. That is because they are great hunters and guardians. For that reason, it is important that you are able to select the best breed available. There are various factors that would help you in selecting the best breed such as training requirements, your lifestyle and the energy or performance level of the dog.

The 5 Things You Know If You Own A Boxer Dog
A boxer dog is one of the common dog breeds that are owned by a lot of dog families, especially in America. That is for the reason that a boxer dog is known as a watchdog that can protect an owner’s space apart from being protective of its young ones. If you happen to own a boxer dog, there are a number of things that you most probably know by now about that dog breed. Some of these things are consequently highlighted below.

1. They love your bed/couch

Most of the times you will find your boxer dog on your bed or on your couch, even when probably they know that they shouldn’t be there. Apart from literally invading your important space, they often occupy a bigger space as they are bigger and some may even refuse an attempt to remove them from there.

There are a number of tips given usually on how you can prevent or discourage boxer dog from resting or sleeping on your bed or couch. One of them is through training by imposing limits.

2. Love to play and jump

Because of their rich history as war dogs, they still love to play. The dogs were often used in war, especially during the WW1 and WW2, where they were used as pack carriers, attack dogs, guard dogs and as messengers.

Often they will invite you to play with them by bowing down for you. When you accept the invitation for example by throwing a ball at them, you are guaranteed to remain great buddies endlessly.

3. Neighborhood watch

A boxer dog grows very much attached to his/her owner and thus protects the home against any stranger or intruder. Of course, the neighborhood’s watch role is achieved through their often inquisitive and noisy behavior which may annoy you sometimes. But it is worth it and you most probably agree with me.

4. They are well-known for their snoring

Of course like us, humans, some dogs snore more than others but generally the snoring of boxer dog is legendary.Snoring is more pronounced especially if you place it in a place where you need some peaceful and a tranquil atmosphere to rest. They can be annoying in the best way.That problem mostly is solved by placing it in another room, far away from your resting place.

5. Health issues can be a problem

There are a number of health issues that can affect a dog boxer including skin problems, heart conditions though rare, allergies and digestive problems such as bloating and bowel inflammation.

Most of the stomach and digestive problems can be minimized or eliminated totally through a proper diet. I understand that maintaining a proper diet can be an expensive affair but there are a number of healthy dog foods you can try. Additionally, it will save you a great amount of possible treatment cost.

In conclusion, for other health issues that may need continuous treatment which can be expensive, it is advised that dog owners take pet insurance cover.