Best Boxer Breeders

Temperament & Personality

Boxer dog breeds have a long history,and come from a line of dogs known since between the 16thto the19thcentury. By various historical accounts, Boxer dog breeds are perceived to be descendants of a dog that originated from high valleys of Tibet. They were fighting dogs.Furthermore, the Boxer Dog is widely recognized as cousins to the Bulldog breed.The Boxer dog breed was majorly bred for dog fighting and for Bull-baiting purposes and presently as a guardian dog. It is important to note that both Bull-baiting and dog fighting activities are majorly non-existent today.The physical appearance of the Boxer Dog is that they are usually stocky, muscular and powerful to be able to serve their purpose.

Temperament and Personality
Because of their history as wild game chasers and dog fighters, Boxer dogs spend a great deal of their time jumping up and down. The young ones need to be taught earlier how to stay calm/stay down.Regular exercises are a must to control the behavior and temperament. The reason why this breed is most popular for most families is that they tend to be very spirited and patient and also very protective of their young ones.In addition, they are loyal pets to the owner and often fiercely guard the home against any intruders or strangers.

This dog breed is highly intelligent, is a problem solver apart from the fact that sometimes they grow bored with repetitive commands.

In a situation where other animals are raised with the Boxer Dog, they can get along just fine. Care should be taken to make sure that the dog is not left alone to wander around the neighborhood. That is because it has been observed that they can attack dogs and cats they come across-they have a fighting spirit in them.

In conclusion, care of the Boxer dog is very important.You need to observe the fact that the dog breed is intolerant to extreme weather conditions, hot and cold weather. Hot weather will cause them to overheat thus causing them discomfort and affecting their normal performance. In terms of cold weather, protection must be accorded to them against cold for the reason that they are short-coated.