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How to Train a Boxer Dog to Obey

Owning a dog as a pet can be entertaining and also helpful. In order to train your dog and make the dog obey you. The dog should first realize that you are the owner.

Gaining knowledge on the type of dog breed that you own, plays a vital role in getting good results out of your training. For example, if I have a Boxer Dog which I am going to train, I should know about the dog's temperament.

If I am over training my dog without knowing how much it can possibly take. My dog will not obey to me and will show less interest in the next training session. Also there are other things that we need to consider when we are training a Boxer Dog.

Every dog possesses a set of attributes which we can use to our advantage in making them obey. Some of them are listed below.

How to Train a Boxer Dog to Obey


Boxer dogs are so full of energy. You have to let the dog use its over whelming energy every single day. If not, the dog will get bored and the energetic feature of it might get dull over time. Letting your dog release the energy contained in it, will keep the dog healthy and good to go for future training.


Another positive attribute of a Boxer is that the dog loves to play. Spend some quality fun time with your dog. Playing with your dog will allow you to gain trust from the dog. It is not going to happen in a day. But gradually you will get there.


Dog breeds such as Boxers love to get praised. You can show your appreciation by rubbing or gently scratching the head, back and the neck area of the dog. This can be done once you gained enough trust from your dog. Only then it will allow you to do so, without any negative outcome. Making the dog feel praised will motivate it to obey you.


Boxers are very intelligent. So plan and execute different techniques in training your dog to obey you. For example, feed your dog every time you enter the house. Even if your dog is new. Due to the intelligence the boxer breed has, it will expect you to return home every time you leave. So that it can be fed. Same way, you can train the dog to obey you. Let the dog know that if it obeyed you, it can get some food from you. This is one of the most effective way to train your dog to obey you.

Good Luck...