Understanding a boxer dog

boxer puppies Boxer dogs are very good family dogs if well trained while still young. They are large and muscular and always look imposing. They are known for their playful nature with a boundless amount of energy. A typical boxer dog is very intelligent, alert, and very brave and yet very friendly. Boxers a great family companion especially when provided with exercise and some form of mental stimulation. These dogs originated from Germany.

Care For The Boxer

Boxers are mainly household dogs and are not suitable for outdoor living. They love playing hence it is important to provide them with good exercise. It is good to always take boxer dog for a regular walk and give it some dog sports. Giving this dog plenty of exercise is the best way of ensuring good behavior. It is always said that a tired boxer is a very good boxer. Since boxer is very big and strong, occasionally it can accidentally hurt people and destroy property hence the need for regular training. Getting the boxer to take training seriously will require you to start training early. Patience represents a very important part when it comes to boxer training.

Relationship With Children

boxer dog Boxers generally love kids and because of their active behavior, they form a very good playing companionship with older kids but can be too energetic for toddlers. It is important to teach your children how to touch the dog and make sure you supervise their interaction to avoid any accidents. It is important to teach your children never to approach a dog while eating or sleeping.


Boxers are generally healthy but just like all the other breeds, they can be prone to certain health conditions. When buying a boxer it is always important to find a breeder who is able to show you the health records of the puppy's parents. Some of the health conditions can be hereditary but some can be developed due to poor feeding habits or lack of exercise. Regular check-ups are also encouraged to understand the health condition of your dog. In conclusion, having a boxer dog can be a very good experience for the family if well taken care of. It is, however, important to note that training, exercise, and good feeding habits represent a very important part of what you will experience from your dog.


boxer breeders It is advisable to give your boxer 2 to 3 cups of dry foods a day which should be divided into two meals. It is, however, important to understand that how much a dog eats will depend on many factors. Some of the main factors include age, size, metabolism, build, and the activity level. The quality of dog food you feed your boxer makes a very big difference. The high quality the dog food is, the better health you will see from your dog. Always be careful about your dog being overweight. Keeping your dog trim will play a big role in improving the health of your dog. A trimmed body can be achieved with less food and exercise.

Other Pets

Boxers are known to get well with other pets. They get along well with other dogs and cats especially they are raised well. Training your boxer early enough when it comes to interaction with other pets will determine how best they will interact.

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